Mother earth

ts teeming with beautiful kinds of trees and plants and fruits. Seriously , earth is an honest expression of nature’s artistry with breathtaking beauty . But , earth is facing various problems such as the environment and climate change they are pressing global concerns . Our earth is experiencing rising temperatures leading to more frequent and severe weather events, like hurricanes , wildfires, heatwaves , storms, floods. Melting ice caps contribute to rising sea levels . Not only environment and climate change effect our precious earth , humans are oone of the biggest causes . Human affects it through activities like pollution, overfishing and overhunting , the burning of fossils fuels, the smokes of vehicules and factories . We need to recycle , reuse , reduce . We can ensure a healthier future of our planet. It is not only our duty but also our privilege to be stewards oof this remarkables home we call earth . So, let’s protect our mother earth and treat it the best way we can! because if we don’t , we might lose it.

by Tasnim GHRISS


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